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Dynamic, Adaptable and Fast-evolving. AISPL is all this and more

We help employees build a personality, not just a career. At AISPL it's all about learning to pave new ways, upgrading your skills, thinking out of the box and maintaining a perfect work-life balance. This in turn helps you excel on all fronts, be it professional or personal.

At AISPL, you work alongside some of the luminous thought processes of the country and best-in-class strategies while architecting futuristic and sustainable solutions. Here even the smallest of the ideas are valued, nurtured and explored of its potential. Do we succeed every time? Probably not. But this definitely helps keep the innovation and initiative ball to keep rolling within the organization and get employees keep looking forward to attempt the impossible, unordinary and unexplored arena every single day.

At AISPL, you can enhance not just your business and process acumen but also learn to deal with everyday life pressures through thick and thin and apply your knowledge, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse challenges and opportunities. You will be a part of a great working environment, where you will be able to grow and advance your career.

AT AISPL we staunchly believe that “Fun should be taken seriously at regular pre planned intervals. As all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Hence, we firmly believe in periodic refreshers for employees who are the reason for where we stand today after three years of incorporation and inception.

Here are some glimpses from various events held by AISPL for its valuable and most precious assets of the organization- “the employees”. We fondly call them “the AISPLites”.

Team offsite at Diveagar